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[P4B] 'Setting Health-Care Priorities' by Torbjorn Tannsjo

The Editorial Board of Diametros invites commentaries on the recent work "Setting Health-Care Prorities" by Torbjorn Tannsjo. All those interested in obtaining a copy of Tännsjo's book for a review, together with a précis, are asked to send a request via e-mail to the following address:

We believe that a confrontation of global perspectives with those elaborated by Tannsjo might be of particular interest and importance for the debate on distributive justice in the context of healthcare. The papers may be addressed to different issues, from metaethical ones, through issues associated with general normative theories of justice, and ending with papers addressing particular dilemmas concerning the distribution of healthcare resources in different fields of healthcare.

Of special importance is also the discussion of ethical theories such as egalitarianism, prioritarianism, utilitarianism and sufficientarianism. The deadline for submission is the 31st…

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